To my mind

the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted."

Bill Bryson

Whether a first time or seasoned charterer, chartering for business or pleasure we firmly believe our attention, commitment and unmatched insight will positively surprise you.

With an enviable list of options ranging from luxury mega yachts to unique motor sailers and an unparalleled input on charter destinations for the Greek islands and the Med each charter prospect is for us a challenge.

A challenge we will transform into a carefree experience for you...

small things make a big difference…


Seascape Services are limitless...

Starting from luxurious pick up limousines and extending to helicopter drop offs and private jet rentals our aim is to offer you optimum pleasure and comfort. At Seascape we strive to cover all your needs, be it extravagant meals, rare to find wines or even organizing, booking in exclusive spas or onboard highy trained masseurs and beauticians; our highly associates will fully cover your needs and expectations.

Talented Chefs, exquisite caterers, specialized events organizers make up our team; a team designed to give you the first experience

Seascape...It's the little things that matter

Charter a YACHT!

The ultimate sensation of escape

The most luxurious surroundings, unparalleled service at the most amazing destinations in the world - The ultimate sensation of escape… of SeaScape.

Cruising on a private yacht is travel at its most luxurious, liberating and unforgettable form; a sumptuous dive into the heart of what a vacation truly is. Unlike time spent in an exclusive resort, or boutique hotels, a private yacht charter offers guests the ultimate in flexibility, exclusivity and privacy. Guests will be blessed by some of the best service in the world taking advantage of their privacy and controlling 100% their tailor made itinerary. As unique, intimate and personalized as they desire, every last detail of a private yacht charter is decided by your clients, from the ingredients in each night’s dinner to the next day’s sailing destination

the ultimate sensation of escape