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A quiet and mountainous island, which is very verdant to the north and the east. Beautiful, green small islands, such as Scorpios, can also be seen from the eastern side of Lefkada. The capital of the island is a quiet, picturesque town built around the natural port, featuring distinctive, colorful wooden houses.

The beaches of Lefkada are famous for their blue waters and light- colored sand.
The island that Venetians used to call "the flower of the East" is an idyllic place with emerald beaches, mountains covered by pine trees, olive trees and magnificent, rare flowers. Laganas bay is one of the largest beaches of the Mediterranean and a large part of it is a protected area, since the caretta-caretta sea turtle, which is an endangered species, lays its eggs on this beach.
Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands, is an island of contradictions. Steep hillsides alternate with green valleys where a very rare type of fir tree grows. The white pebble or sand beaches and deep blue waters delight even the most discerning visitors. The western coast of the island is one of the few biotopes for the Mediterranean seal.



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