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Trogir has been known as a 'monument town'. Some of the most famous sights in the town are the Cathedral of St Lawrence with its remarkable portal by Master Radovan, the Kamerlengo Fortress, the Town Gate, the Čipiko Palace, the Town Hall, the Church of St Nicholas, a museum, a picture gallery and the 'Kairos' art collection. According to the UNESCO: „Trogir is a precious, a consistent part of world heritage".

Split is the second largest city in Croatia, with just over 200,000 inhabitants, and is the largest city on the Adriatic coast. Coupled with its strong history - it emerged from a settlement around a palace built by Roman emperor Diocletian, and the city was also important within Yugoslavia - this lively city sure is worth a visit, however brief.

Split's early history revolves around a Greek settlement founded between the 3rd and 4th centuries in the area. Its most famous historical development, however, came in 295 AD when Roman emperor Diocletian ordered a residence to be built there for his retirement, as it was close to the nearby large Roman settlement of Salona.

The top sights in Split are: Roman emperor Diocletian's Palace, Cathedral of St Domnius, People's Square, Mestrovic Gallery and many museums.

Skradin, the headquarters of Krka National Park, is one of the oldest Croatian settlements with the status of a town (2nd c. BC). Situated not far from the world phenomenon Skradinski Buk, where the Krka river flows with tranquillity, it represents the centre of life from the early ancient times. Tour around Krka National Park : Visovac, Roski Slap, Sibenik, Bribir. Rich in flora and fauna, it hosts 222 species of birds, making it one of the most valuable ornithological areas in Europe. National Park Kraka also has the only hawk training center in Croatia where you can see presentations of hunting with hawks and hawk trainers' skills.

Head to Skradin for lunch, which is famous for its Dalmatinsk Proiut (smoked ham) and offers famous risotto and seafood specialties.

Korcula is an old fortified town preserved with legends of fairies as the main characters, kept in memory by the local people.

One of the loveliest islands in the Adriatic, the old town is surrounded by defensive walls and forts, saturated by cobbled narrow streets, churches and palaces of old aristocrats. Korcula has lots of little side streets and many excellent restaurants. The island is renowned for its wine making. Marco Polo reputedly lived in Korcula and his house is open to the public. Be sure to visit Land Gate. This 14th century portal and its 15th century Revelin tower frame the only land access to the walled Old Town. The gate (Kopenena Vrata) is embellished on the inside with a sculpture of St. Mark's lion over its arch. It leads to the core's main square, Trg Bracé Radica, which is home to a 16th-century column, the town hall, and the 17th-century Church of St. Michael.

On the magnificent coast of Istria, right below the Lim Fjord, is the most romantic place in the Mediterranean! On the seaside, the town is protected by a high rocky shore and house walls built on cliffs, while the mainland side is protected by solid walls. The town is dominated by the baroque St. Euphemia's Church, its 60-meter tower providing a view of grey and red rooftops and chimneys, streets and squares, the port and pier with ships and boats, and the marina harboring yachts. This unique old town core, the 67-kilometer shoreline of protected green surfaces and improved park forests, 16 islands, islets and reefs, make this town unique. Built upon a rich fishermen's tradition, it has become distinctive for its unique boat called batana and its songs bitinada. Its beauty was particularly appreciated by artists who have painted the most beautiful motifs here and exhibited them on Grisia, the street of artists.



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