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The area of Pylos is God's blessed. The surroundings are not only of great historical and archaeological interest, but also a little piece of paradise that offers nature.

The olive groves who cover the landscape; the most beautiful beaches with fine sand of Voidokoilia, Romanos and Gialova; the Divari lagoon of Gialova which host a rich and varied flora and fauna.

The old town of Monemvasia is a perfectly preserved medieval settlement still inhabited, an world cultural heritage monument and a major attraction for every traveller in the Peloponnese. It has a unique, magical atmosphere and a fascinating history. Monuments and churches are scattered throughout the old town. An important archaeological collection is housed in the old mosque in the Square of Elkomenos Christos.

In the northest part of the west coast of the Peloponnese, lies the great fortress of Methoni. In the small peninsula, that was already fortified from ancient times, there has always been a city, renown for its harbour.

The castle of Methoni rises deserted and isolated today. When the winter winds hit its walls the locals say that you can hear the screams of the prisoners and the unjustly killed in the Bourtzi.

A drop of land, between the sea and the sky, resembling to both a cape and an island, an emerald dressed in white, totally absorbed in reflecting its own glory and torchlight procession.
A small coastal town on the Gulf of Laconia known as Cranae in antiquity, the port of Sparta. This was the first refuge of lovers Paris and Helen; they eloped here over the Taygetos Mountains from her home in Sparta and set off by ship to Troy. Today, Gythio is the capital of the Mani, the isolated southern fringe of the Peloponnese named after Maina Castle, built by William de Villehardouin in the 13th century.



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